Cant see .gitignore

Hello, another stupid post but i need help because i get errors that .gitignore is blocking package-lock.json so im unable restart my discord bot, but i dont even have .gitignore file in my project


Can you create a gitignore and then type


And then refresh the project.

Thanks! That helped but im still getting errors about

I have that file in my package.json and package-lock.json but still cAnNot FiNd mOdUlE. im losing my motivation to this…

Nevermind, I fixed it by being 2312903123iq (really 1iq) Im so happy now :smiley:

How did you fix it @GhostSlayer I’m losing my mind with this same issue

You cant see .gitignore or is it saying “cannot find module”?

but i used “npm install moment” to fix that cannot find module issue. Also i used !package-lock.json in a new .gitignore file to see package-lock.json

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