Can't seem to actually use node 14

I’ve been trying to use tailwindcss, specifically npx tailwindcss init. This command requires node 14+ to run properly, so I looked into using that with glitch. I found this article and changed the engine field as shown, but after doing so node --version still shows 12.0.0 even if I reset or anything else.

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Hey, welcome to the forum! Try typing ‘refresh’ in the terminal and see if that works. Also, Node can take a little while to reinstall. I can’t see your project but did you definitely do:

“engines”: { “node”: “14.x” }

(BTW, Glitch is actually running the latest version, so you should just put 16.x instead.)

Assuming you didn’t make any changes to watch.json, changing your package.json should refresh the app and Node will reinstall according to whatever you set it to. If you started off remixing an app set to 12.x, it may run through that installation first before doing a new one, unless you ‘refresh.’ Hope that helps!


Hi there - if what @christina suggested doesn’t help, email with the name of the project and we can investigate for you!


Refreshing worked after I waited a while, thanks!


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