Can't set name for glitch project

Hello! I’m deleted my account with projects, but I can’t set the old name for the project.

For example, a project (and account) with the name lolibot deleted by me 20 min ago and I wanna now set this name on a new project with a name profile, but Glitch says me Another project has that name


Hi! Welcome to the Glitch community.
I recommend emailing the support team at for this inquiry.

Hey! Don’t reply with just a ping!

Deleted projects are archived, meaning that they are not deleted. To delete one, just email, then you can use it again. You cannot manually delete projects.

Hello. I’m deleted account with the project and not have access to the account.

Again, if you need to recover an account, email

Okay, thanks for response.

No Problem!

You can’t delete an account without emailing support.

Also, they don’t reply on the forum.

I’m click “Close account”.

Heheh. That doesn’t mean your projects are deleted. As long as you email from the email you used to use, you should be good.

I’m use GitHub authozation.

And when I click “Close account” Glitch send me message to email with closing account and now I idk how to login.

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Yeah, it is :3

It doesn’t say that they are Deleted as @code-alt and I said, the best thing to do would be emailing

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Yeah, I send email for get help.

If ya don’t want to email now, you can send a help ticket at

Email =