Can't upload file to assets folder

Seems like it should be an easy thing to do, I must be missing something.

I click the assets folder, then “add file to folder” then upload file, but the file itself does not make it into the assets folder. I can see it in some sort of unlabeled file purgatory area in glitch, but if I try to drag it from there into the assets folder it says that I must first save the file to my computer (what…?) and no option to do that. I could of course save the file to my computer, but seeing as how I just uploaded it from there, I don’t think that will help :wink:

Any help greatly appreciated!

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Where are you dragging the asset from? Do you have the asset stored locally?

Originally I am just using the upload file dialog, so no dragging going on. Then if I attempt to drag the file from this strange unlabeled area where I can find my recently uploaded file, it gives me a message that I need to first download the file to my computer.

Could you try just pushing the upload button instead of dragging? Glitch might think you do not have the file downloaded for some reason.

The file has already been uploaded, it just isn’t in the “assets” folder.

Where did it go?

That’s what I’d like to know :wink:

It shows up in some unlabeled area, from which I cannot move it.

From looking at another forum post it looks like when you want to upload a file you need to use the terminal, cd into the assets folder then do a wget on the file URL that I just uploaded via the browser. Then because it has a weird filename hash rename the file to its original name. This worked but… I’m kind of surprised that is the solution to uploading files on Glitch, is that right?

Hi the assets folder you have created is different to the Glitch asset folder
The Glitch asset folder uploads to their cdn and you’ll find the files in the section you are in where you can press to get a link to your files :slight_smile:

Files on Glitch are not uploaded to the project, but to a cdn.

Like you said, the only solution to this is to use wget.

For example you could do:

wget -o /assets/file.png

This would save the file to the /assets/file.png directory in your project.


Yep, thats how uploads work. The reason it is there I assume is because you have a separate 512mb for the CDN. The CDN also makes it possible to host videos that would not fit in the 200mb project.

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Please refrain from using inappropriate words for the community. @prismspecs

Thank you! I really appreciate your time. One last question, since it seems my new file upload hasn’t propagated yet, do you have a rough idea of how long these sorts of changes take?

If you are importing files via wget you will need to run refresh in the console to see your new changes.