Can't upload node folder from Github or my PC

As I finished up the bot in my project, I realized it kept turning off. When I checked, the package I added to keep it on, “express-glitch-keepalive” (0.2.0) wasn’t installed correctly because the node folder in Github never actually got in. I was unable to even import it at first because of a constant error but managed to get it in with a method seen by searching the error. I believe the error was the folder not being able to import, and so they weren’t this time either. Could someone tell me how to add the node folder or why the bot turns off every 10-15 minutes without turning back on?

Screenshot of the error:

Hey @Sindrotex,

I do not know how to add the node folder (although the node modules are already installed in Glitch), but I do know why the bot turns off every 10-15 minutes without turning back on.

By default, Glitch projects go to sleep after 5 minutes of inactivity which causes the bots to drop out of the Discord servers they are in. Once they drop out of the Discord server, they will not respond to any messages. Only an external request can wake up the bot. To solve this, we use Uptime Monitor.

  • Go to and create and account
  • Sign into the account and head to the dashboard
  • Add a new monitor
  • Make sure you select HTTP(S) as the type!
  • Enter a name, that will help you remember the site it is monitoring
  • For the url, put your glitch projects link!
  • Make sure the monitoring interval is 5 minutes (the lowest it can go)
  • Save the monitor
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Re: the error that you’re seeing in the console – I think it may just be incidental/not the root cause of the issue, but I do know how to make it go away!
If you go into your package.json and add in an engines block, you can specify the desired node version. That error just means that you don’t have a specific version indicated, and therefore it’s installing the default.
It might look something like this:

 "engines": {
    "node": "8.x"