Can't use OpenNIC domain for Glitch custom domain

I’m trying to use an OpenNIC custom domain, but Glitch won’t let me.

Hi there - I’m not familiar with setting up OpenNIC domains, can you tell us how it would be different from setting up an ICANN domain, like do you set up something other than an A record or CNAME? What do you see when you try?

It says it is invalid. (It looks like it may be using the www subdomain for some reason)

What is “it” in this case that is saying “invalid”, OpenNIC or Glitch?

be.libre (The DNS registration site) doesn’t give any errors. However, Glitch says that the domain is invalid, but seems to silently add the www subdomain of the domain name as a custom domain.

It may be that the service we use,, doesn’t support it. Can you email linking to this thread and mention the project name you’re in and what the domain is you’re trying to add? One of us can then take a closer look and reach out to the Fly folks to see if there’s a way to make it work or not!

I’ll test something first, if that doesn’t work, I’ll email you.

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