Can't wake up my Discord bot

Well, me and my friends made an bot, but we wasn’t able to wake up none of the bots, it keep saying “Waking up”, half an hour, stiill nothing

Hi @PedroxTheBest99 - can you let me know the name(s) of the project(s) that aren’t waking up? (my bot, my new name is inSanic btw)

Happened to me earlier. Seems to have fixed itself.
-Happy Glitching tech_dude1

still nothing

rant rant war war (to avoid getting the 20 character eerror)

Most of my Discord bots were down earlier, but they seemed to have completely recovered.
-Happy Gliching tech_dude1

I believe your apps are available again - I checked wesley-bot and right now it’s just failing to start because there appears to be a missing package.

still nothing, tried to see the packages, all of them are correct

rant rant war war

i have my bots that i made but they are staying offline

Do you have anything in your logs?

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The container ip may have been banned because of abusive activity by other people.
Post your project name here to get your project moved

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