Carry the value of an input to a variable

How do i set it so that when a button is clicked, the value of an input is carried over to a variable?
Basically, like, a variable is set to the value of an input.

It’s quite easy to do this, try:

document.querySelector('#btn').onclick = function () { // let's say the value of the input element is five
alert(document.querySelector('input').value) // this will get it onclick! which would alert 5!

And change your code to the correct values ya have


i get this error message:
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘value’ of null

Most likely you have more than one <input> element so querySelector gets confused. Based on experimentation it looks it returns the first element it finds

Yeah, try doing like #idhere

Or even better do:

var x = document.querySelector('input').value;
x[0] // returns teh first one

I only have one input tag

No issues on my end

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That will only return the first character of the value of the input so it is incorrect
oh and also querySelectorAll seems to return an array

I can’t seem to find the project.

@lankybox10 did ya archive it?


Here are some resources that can help you: