CDN glitch global error

Hello! I was recently using glitch on a Kindle Fire and I went to the glitch website and an error message popped up showing that was not available or not found. Here are a couple factors to take into consideration:

  1. I’m using Kindle Fire on a Kids Browser, which might be blocking the website even though I have attempted unblocking it.
  2. I’m using a network that I don’t usually use.

The Error message says, “This website canot be reached”

Is the website down or is there just an error with the devices and network connections that I’m using? Can anyone help? This is also happening on glitch websites I’ve created that use image assets from This is not happening on the support forum.


.global isn’t down, so it’s probably your network blocking it. Here’s something to try, let me know if any of these work. They are the same image but different cdn urls:


Thanks! It was the WiFi blocking the address I found out, as I tested another WiFi and it worked perfectly fine. Thanks!

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