Change Autoclose

Recently the code editor updated adding autowrapping and I don’t like it. How can I disable this?

Its more of a pain then it is helpful for me. I am ok with the auto enters and stuff not this though

Hey @WilsontheWolf I’ve moved this into Feature Ideas for other folks to vote on as well. I don’t think it’s likely that we’ll roll back that change in the near future, though; sorry for the bother!

Hey Cori no problem. Will vote

i agree its pretty annoying, like, is it that hard to add a button that can enable/disable this? This is the feature that i hate the most why cant there be a toggle for it?

Maybe some script can disable it. I know torcado made one enabling this before it was a thing.

I see some people request that, so you added it. But it’s not my style of coding and has caused me a few minor, minor headaches in just a few minutes. Can I request a toggle to disable this?

(ps. the most trouble comes from fixing a mistake. Say you typed “hello” without quotes, and you realize you need quotes around them. You move cursor before the H, typed quote, and get ''hello instead of 'hello as expected; you backspace to see both quotes disappear. You need to use DELETE instead of BACKSPACE to delete the extra quote in this case.)

Hey @User670 thanks for the request and sorry for the bother! A similar request already exists at Change Autoclose, so I’m going to move your post there; I suggest you vote for that request.

Stuff like typing " and getting “” or hitting { and getting {} really messes up my flow to have to go back and fix it, especially if I need to close a function inside another function I have to go to the end of the first () to add the last ) to close it off rather than just putting one before

Also as far as I can tell, theres no settings menu anymore with stuff like darkmode or refresh on changes, does anyone know where these could have been moved to?

Also, for settings:

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Alright thanks

Really feel like this should be a toggle though

Hey @EternalFrostOrig I’ve merged this topic with an existing Feature Idea for this that you can vote for.

I can’t guarantee that we’ll work on this any time soon or at all. We do have improvements to the Editor experience as a whole in our long-term plan, but there are trade-offs with every feature or toggle we add, so we have to keep that in mind.