Change contribution link

Is there any way to refresh the glitch file contribution link? The link to my project was leaked and I want to refresh it.

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Yes, we can change this for you or you could remix the project and use that instead. Let us know the project name.

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Remixing creates a new project right?

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Yes, remixing the project creates a new project, according to me.

@Gareth The name of my project is “azure”, if you could change it it would be greatly appreciated :smiley:

That’s been done! I recommend removing anyone currently in the project that you don’t want, else they’ll be able to leak the join code again.

Thanks very much, Gareth. :+1:

Wait, how did you get access to the project, it is private :confused:

Gareth is a member of the Glitch development team.

To be clear, I didn’t access your project. The join code exists in the Glitch database, so we generated a new one and updated the value.