Change how the ping service restriction works

Hello, first post here.

About my project:
My current project is an in-production Node.js server designed to store certain information in a JSON file database. It has an API, and I plan to add a feature to it to send a webhook message to a Discord server every Monday.

I have added a test route to my API that returns "success" so that I may test how this might work.

The Issue:

  • I have a cronjob set up at to ping my project’s API every Monday at noon to send this webhook message (The contents of the webhook is dependent on the date and some content in the database).

  • In testing I have discovered that the cronjob receives a 403 Forbidden result. I know this is not coming from my API (I have tested) and must have been returned by the proxy that Glitch projects sit behind.

I recall a post a while back that Glitch was going to start restricting any sort of ping service from accessing any projects. I have realized that, due to the ping service restriction, what I am trying to do is not possible, and I need to use one of the following solutions:

  1. Purchase Glitch Premium (to run the cronjob on the server itself)
  2. Keep a machine (PC, Raspberry Pi, etc.) constantly powered on my home network to query my API once a week for information, then send the webhook from my personal server.
  3. Use an external service (likely to be paid, might also be restricted) like Linode.

To the Glitch devs: I understand that it is necessary to restrict ping services to minimize server load and conserve resources where possible, but why have it restricted all the time? Perhaps there is a way to count the number of pings a project has from a ping service over a certain amount of time, and if it exceeds a certain number then restrict ping services for that project.

Thank you for reading!!!


If they don’t change this, your project might be able to be reimplemented using the new serverless thing they advertised in the editor assuming waking up screen doesn’t apply.

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Wait, what?

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Thanks for your reply!

I looked at the little Help dog in the bottom right hand corner of the editor, and didn’t see anything about a serverless thing. I did however, find this thread but it seemed to be dismissed by the community because what the OP was proposing was basically what Glitch has done already, allocating servers running docker containers to run user code.

Is that thread what you are referring to or is it something else?

I found this, but it doesn’t say serverless per se

We’ve been amazed over the years by the scale of your creative ambition, and we’re working behind the scenes with third party services to ensure Glitch can continue to serve your project even as it grows. This new editor lays the foundation for future integrations with some exciting new partners.

there are also some strings in the editor bundle referencing fastly compute@edge, so maybe such an integration is in development

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Sounds like yet another A/B test, I’ve closed out of the annocument so I can’t retrigger the bar above the editor that tells you about it.

Fumbled with an extension that converts my browsing history to json to find this
Here’s what I was referring to earlier


Now that is something I’m looking forward to!

Awesome! I hit the sign up button so hopefully I get selected for the beta test. Thanks for your help.

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