Change your automatic export message


It would be cool if we could change our automatic “Export to Github” message. It’s kind of annoying to manually switch it from this every time:

:surfing_man::weight_lifting_man: Updated with Glitch

Just a suggestion.

You can lmao

just change the value in the prompt!!

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You mean of the commit message?

yes. You can change the commit message.

No, I mean change the default message

Seems not too bad, however I wouldn’t vote. It’s fine to just do all of this.


Yeah, I agree.

It would just be a cool little feature if added.

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It would be pretty simple to implement, just adding it to the settings

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I’d vote if this was more focused on the annoying commits it makes in the background.

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What do you mean?

Also it would be cool to be able to export to the master branch instead of glitch all the time


Hell yeah! It’d be great if we could specify the branch.


OK, i’ll make a seperate topic about this as this is definitely a bigger issue.