Changes For The UI!

I couldn’t decide this thread to be a #feature-ideas or a #feedback. Feel free to change it back if necessary.


We all know that Glitch is planning to release a paid plan and along with other sweet new features, but I would like to propose a few changes to the UI (and other stuff) of Glitch. These may or may not be there for the new updates Glitch are planning to roll out, but I hope to see them soon!

  1. Although an official #announcements was made about emailing Glitch at for custom domain removals, etc, many users still ask for custom domain removals and suspended projects here in this forum. I think this can be eliminated by a small change in the UI, which can result in the user directly emailing Something like this:

server js – ruddy-plain-cucumber suspended-ui

  1. We could have a feature to star Glitch projects, much like GitHub’s starring system.

  2. The older projects view of Glitch was much better as it had many featured projects under several categories, which also kind of made the homepage look more ‘alive’. I prefer the old view rather than the current homepage, which looks rather dull, with only 3-4 featured projects at a time.


  1. All projects should have the option to add tags, which can easily sort projects into different catgories and users can query according to their tags.

  2. An ‘Explore’ page would be nice where different projects by different users are shown. The projects can be filtered (according to stars, most popular, etc.) and the content of the ‘Explore’ can change according to the user’s preferences.

  3. The new Account settings page should have more options and preferences. In fact, I think, that is where the option to change your name, username, and description.

  4. All this being said, I think Glitch should be more notification based.

These ideas might be huge, but I hope to see them soon!

Have a good day!

Wow Awesome I Agree to this!


I agree aswell!

sadly i have maxed out my votes! but you have mine!


Sounds good! You have my vote.

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I was also thinking that instead of an email option, there should be an appeal form built in to the suspended project page.


This’s :+1:

I have one suggestion:
To get the Custom Domains function, you need to get Thanks.
スクリーンショット 2020-03-23 10.06.57

but the location of the thanks is very difficult to understand and hard to push.

I think this Thanks should be displayed on the user account page

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Personally I’d like to see a more powerful editor, like the Monaco editor (used in VSCode).


Way to go on the suggestions. Here are some of mine…

  1. Analyze the most popular nodejs modules to provide autocomplete for them
  2. Instead of opening the terminal in a new window or the logs, add the option to “pop-out” the window into a popout.
  3. Make a find and replace function(maybe it already exists)
  4. Put up some nice graphs of cpu, disk, ram usage.
  5. Make something that pings your project internally(so behind the reverse proxy) when it’s up and display how fast the ping was.
  6. Put the user in control of the reverse proxy. Allow them to choose which port to be reverse proxied(and never anything under port 1000).
  7. Instead of displaying code in the editor area there could be a mode where your files are displayed in grid and you can click folders to switch directories. Clicking a folder shows it’s contents, clicking a file relaunches the file editor.
  8. Display alerts when your caps lock is on or when your insert key is on(I hate accidentally turning it on).
    New one:
  9. Allow the creation of temporary projects on a user account which automatically get deleted after 2 days unless you un-temporary it for testing cool things
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The CPU graph sounds good!

@charliea21 I agree that Monaco would be good but cori responded to that here: Bug: Ctrl-F is slow in big files for the Glitch editor

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Agreed, I takes time to go to one of the user’s projects and give them a thanks

you have my vote…

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I am out of votes… But, You have my ‘invisible’ vote.