Changing glitch local port

Im moving an old project of mine to glitch and looking to change the localport that glitch itself runs on to a different port. My project runs on the port 3002 and I would like the glitch app preview to launch the now compiled app that was created through the console. How could I change the glitch port to match my app port? Thank you in advance for any help.

Project link

Glitch only shows port 3000 to the internet. So you won’t be able to change Glitch’s internal port. However, you can use port 3002 locally (not exposed to the internet) if you wish, otherwise you’ll have to change your code.

I see. I would still like to use glitch as a hosting site to showcase the app so i tried to changing the port to 3000. However it automatically pushes the app to 3001. I guess since glitch is using that port. Any other ideas on how I could get it to display?

I might be missing something here, but it looks like your app might be hosting on 3001 due to the document.write on line 52 of views/index.html. While only port 3000 is exposed to the internet, I don’t think Glitch needs to be running anything there (independent of your app) – they just setup the server as a default to get you started

I ended up adding that line from the console because it was recommended by the gulp command line but it didnt really do anything.