Chapp - a simple yet functional small chat application


Project URL:

The project is a very simple (and kinda ugly looking HTML) chat application that just works ¯\(ツ)

I tried to comment the project as much as i could without making it messy and i think i did good!
This was the first time i worked with HTML, i am opened to critique about it.
I made it as much simple as i could, be sure to look at the code if you want.

When remixing replace in chat.js and username.js.

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Yes, the chat is nice and simple.

Some suggestions:

  1. You could add CSS styles to it, so that the chat looks good and vibrant.
  2. Some statistics such as how many users are online and who all are they could be useful.
  3. How do I log out?

The problem is, i had to search all the HTML things up (i don’t know styling etc…).
Also log out? The name is saved in cookies, however they delete after closing the session but the server doesn’t know those cookies got deleted so there is no way of logging back into the account.
Thinking of making an account system by name and username.

You might need a database for that.

I guess JSON will do that because this is not a big project.

Yeah, but JSON data can get lost or corrupted easily.

Yes, i know.
But who in the world cares about one project by some guy on the internet (except for the author)?