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First off, this is my new chat app (just ignore the language lol). A simple thing I want is to prevent other strangers from entering the chat when I enter the chat, for this I want to put a password in the chat. It will be simple: when you enter the chat for the first time, there will be an enter password button next to the name input section and there will be a password, for example: 12345 and if you enter the password incorrectly, the chat will not open, it will be difficult for me to do can you help me?

all I can help you with is that it won’t be that difficult.

Try using basic-auth:

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Don’t want to sound rude but if you made a chat project (taking you didn’t clone it from someone else) authorization should be piece of cake next to it. I don’t know what language you use but there is a npm package passport for handling authorization

Open the project code, add the required scripts, add the password to your .env and it’s done!