Chat window for collaborators/helpers

It would be cool if collaborators, or more so helpers could chat with the owner of the Glitch project that they are viewing. Right now I just make a comment block and we type back and forth with no clear indication of who is speaking. If someone else joined the project they would not be able to follow the conversation very easily.

Now that I think about it more, we could just distinguish lines with different characters or something like:

function hello() {
  console.log("Hello world");

? What does the console.log function do?
_ it prints something to the JavaScript console in the client's browser
_ you can find the console in the developer tools of the web browser

But this does get quite long within the source file, a little scrollable window with the chat messages would be much better. Maybe the chat window would also have the ability to clear all previous messages. Hopefully the messages could contain markdown and syntax highlighting would work.

  • This is a great idea, it would be so much easier to help people!
  • Nah, let’s just keep typing in comment blocks.
  • This is silly, you should move conversations relating to your specific project elsewhere.

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