Check-out Feature


There’s a feature where you can clone your git project. I login to glitch using my github account. I want to clone my project locally and then push back.

I get a message that the password is empty. I clone the write URL and check it out but I can’t push. I’m finding it difficult to deploy code on my system to glitch. I also tried my machine -> github -> glitch.

Do I need a glitch account rather than using my github accout?



Hey @toddpratt sorry for the bother! It seems like you’re following the right steps:

  1. Clone from your project’s write git url using the provided git username and a blank password,
  2. Make something cool in your locally-cloned repo
  3. Push back to glitch from your locally-cloned repo

Can you give us the output of git remote -v in your local copy (making sure to replace the username portion with * or something). Output of git status would also not go amiss. I’ll be able to retrieve your project name from the git remote config and will be able to look a little more closely there.