Clarification on request limitation

Is the 4,000 requests/hour for requests going to the app or from the app? (or both??) What I mean by this is, is the limit for how many requests the app makes to external sources or is it the limit for how many requests external sources make to the app?

First of all 11/10 username, I love that!

I don’t know for sure but I’m assuming the limit only applies to incoming requests based on the wording of Glitch’s documentation:

Apps are limited to 4000 requests per hour (subsequent requests will return a 429 “Too Many Requests” response).

Because they specify a 429 response to requests over the limit and since Glitch wouldn’t be responding to outgoing requests I think it’s safe to assume it’s incoming only.

Also just thinking about it from an implementation point of view I think tracking outgoing requests would add an unnecessary overhead. Tracking incoming requests is trivial because they’re already routing them through a reverse proxy, so adding a metric there isn’t an issue.

Either way I imagine Glitch can clarify when staff returns tomorrow…


Hi @pancake. The 4000 requests per hour are on requests to your application, not on outbound requests your application makes. Hope that clarifies things.