Client can see only part of the /public folder?!/notifyd-example?path=app.js:38:34
For some reason when I go on my webpage not all the scripts that I’ve put in the /public folder are working. If you do Inspect Element on Google Chrome and go to sources, the scripts simply aren’t there. You can see on line 38 of app.js that I’ve set the public folder (app.use(express.static(“public”))), but it doesn’t work. The only stuff that is showing up is the “css” folder. I also tried moving the script into the “css” folder but even then it disappeared.
I have made sure that the HTML is linking the scripts in the <head>, but clearly it doesn’t think they exist so it can’t use them.

Take a look at the console error in Chrome.

It is unable to find the file because it doesn’t exist!

In your HTML code your referencing THEPAGEURL/file.js.

I’d recommend changing the URL to in your code instead.

Thanks, I found the problem. The <script> source was incorrect (forgot the folder)