Clone From Git Repo Errors

Our team is looking into the issue that is causing some folks to receive an error when they try to add a custom domain to their project or clone from a git repo.

UPDATE: A fix is out for custom domains and it should be working shortly!

We are continuing to work on the Clone From Git Repo issue. I will remove this banner and post an update just as soon as it is fixed!


Thanks for the update. Hopefully this gets resolved soon.

Thanks for the information! Went to Glitch Status, then came straight to forums when I was having issues :joy:

Ty for the update. I was getting desperate cause it’s been two days.

I recently noticed that I can import for a different repository on glitch. Why can’t I import it on the one I want.

If it as lot of files, you cant do it maybe. Thats happened to me, if there is lot of files.

Then why was I able to import to a different glitch repo?

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UPDATE: A fix is out for the custom domain errors. You should be able to add custom domains to your projects shortly!