Clone from github not working

When I clone a project from github it creates a blank project!!

Hey @ha6000 sorry for the bother! There are a few things that can cause this; can you provide the project name and repo url you’re using so we can see if there’s a workaround for you?

@cori When I clone it it creates a blank project and even if I go into the command line and type dir its empty. I could use the github import but it just takes the master branch and puts it into a other git repo so I cant change the branch.

Hey @ha6000 I was able to clone that repo using the New Project > Clone From Repo option without any difficulty.

Can you let me know what project resulted from your failed clone so I can take a look there?

@cori Sorry for the delayed response

This have happened several times and with different repos.
What happens I clone it and then its in a infinity loading loop. I can sometimes get it to clone after a few attempts. This might be because of my unstable connection but I am not sure.

Best regards,
Non Hacker

PS I sometimes have better luck when removing the .git, but it could just be coincidence.

Hey @ha6000, knowing what some of the projects resulting from the failed clones are might help us run down if there are specific errors occurring that aren’t being shown to you.

If you have an unstable internet connection that could well be causing issues; for example if I test cloning with a high-latency network throttle in Chrome’s Dev Tools it often fails to clone properly. If the project gets some of the work done before being interrupted you might be able to use git pull origin master && refresh in your console to finish the job.