Cloning Failed: Your First Progressive Web App

Hi all,

I have not worked with Glitch before and I was following the guide on

I clicked on “New Project” and “Clone from Git Repo” and pasted the URL:

But after Glitch tries to create the project for a while, a popup with an unhelpful message appears: “An error occurred when trying to create this project, please try again later.”

I have tried several times already. It would be great if you could tell me, what I am doing wrong :slight_smile:


I’m getting same error. Did you figure it out?

Hey @leicher and @oscarlinux, welcome to the Glitch forum!

Others have encountered this problem, and we’re working on a fix; for now, though, you can use the workaround provided by @jenn in Unable to create new project by cloning repository.

Let us know if you have trouble with that, and sorry for the inconvenience!