Cloning private git repos directly to private Glitch projects?


Hey there, I’m trying to do something that might not be quite supported and I was wondering if it will be possible soon:

We have a bunch of private Bitbucket repos that run various internal tools. These are pretty sensitive so not something we want to have exposed.

Would like to import these as Glitch private projects, but the first issue appears to be that there isn’t a way to create a project from a git repo that is private from the start. Exposing this code to the public even for a few minutes would not really be acceptable unfortunately. It is somewhat unclear from the UI exactly what will happen when I clone a repo, but I’m assuming it would indeed be public until switched to private after the cloning process completes.

The second issue appears to be that there isn’t support for SSH scheme for cloning a git repo, which I would prefer to embedding username:password in an HTTPS URL. I suppose an acceptable but somewhat annoying workaround would be to create a new Bitbucket user for each project and grant it access just to that one project. SSH protocol + keys generated by your platform for each project for purposes of identifying Glitch as a user to the remote repo would be ideal, however.

Thanks for creating such a cool platform,



Hi @airways, welcome to the Glitch forums!

You’re correct in that creating a new project using the Clone From Repo option will be public at the outset. If that’s not acceptable an alternative is to create a new project, make it private, and then use git manually in the project’s console to integrate with your Bitbucket repo.

Per-project ssh keys is not something that’s on our task list at the moment, but you could create a key yourself and grant it the appropriate rights to your repos. I believe that key will be recreated when your project is restarted (I’m testing this at the moment and will update with my findings). I definitely encourage you to create (or vote for) a topic in if it’s something you’d like us to consider in the future.