Cloning repo doesn’t work -- “authentication failed”

So I’m trying to clone my glitch project to my computer using git clone “project name”. However, after putting in my project name and username/token, it asks for a password. The git import/export options says the password is an empty string, but when I press “enter” it just says “authentication error.” I tried it again with the password just a space, but the same thing happened. What is going on?

Hey @CarlyRaeJepsenStan sorry for the bother!

Are you using git clone on the command line, or are you using a tool? if a tool, which one? What operating system are you on?

Also can you share your project name so we can test it?

Hi again Cori! I am using macOS. At first I tried using Atom (the text editor) to clone it, and then I tried the command line. I’m not so sure about giving out the project name because I have my token in an unprotected config file. Is it possible to private message you? Thanks for trying to help!

If your project is private then no one you don’t explicitly invite will be able to see your code (aside from a few Glitch staff members).

If you’re more comfortable sending a PM that’s fine; you should be able to message me from my avatar. Or you can email

Have you tried cloning from the glitch console? It usually echos something like “Enter password” or something

Leave the password field blank!

Hey @CarlyRaeJepsenStan I think we’ve isolated the bug that’s causing this. I don’t know yet when I fex will be ready, but I’ll update here when there’s more news. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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Hey @CarlyRaeJepsenStan our most excellent team just pushed a fix for this bug; can you please give it another try and let us know how it goes?


Thanks so much @cori and the support team! It works now!!
I am curious, though… what exactly was the issue?

There was a disconnect between the git username in the Editor and the repo authentication on the backend.

:thinking: I see. I suppose that’s why a password dialog appeared.

Well, I’d’ve expected you to get the password prompt no matter what, but that’s why authentication failed.

Hm that’s strange, because when I cloned it again after the fix was pushed no password prompt appeared.

If your project’s git repo’s remote was set properly then it wouldn’t need the prompt, so that’s probably what happened. If you look at git remote -v the remote should have your git username in the url.