[Closed] Account Suspended Need My Files Back

Hey there! My projects were suspended for violating the TOS by pinging them with an another Service which wasn’t banned I am truly sorry about this but I want my files back as I didn’t take any backup of them and everything was stored in glitch and I was planning to buy the boosted project plan.
I am really sorry for violating them and I won’t do that ever again
Project Names:

  1. botnetic-support
  2. maize-cave-tp96neapfa
  3. cactus-tempo-a74gpella
  4. boatrc-giveaway
  5. botarc-music
  6. botarc-automod
  7. botarc-ticket

Already emailed support.

I’m just going to mark your post as closed because you already emailed support. Good luck!

Ok! Thank you so much.

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Also, I don’t think that your projects would have been banned for pinging. They said that if you ping your projects, they just wont turn on.

Oh they say suspended: Violating Terms of Service. SKM

SKM means proxies from what I know (I might be wrong).

I never used any proxies, my bot is very simple and not harmful. I used the keepalive package.

I think they did a check for all projects with the npm package ‘keepalive’ and blocked them all automatically as multiple people have has this issue even if they are not using the package, but had it


That would make scence. I didn’t know that they would be cracking down on that.


@RiversideRocks Here’s another that got banned with keepalive installed. I think it was an automated process

Yes to test I uploaded a file with the keep-alive package it got suspended instantly.


Yes. Anything that pings is banned from glitch @Lebyy. See PSA: Glitch does not allow pinging services


I’m gonna email now asking if they can restore all the projects and instead have a message that says ‘delete keepalive’ or it removes it automatically. People are confused as to why they are being banned


They should be more clear about it :wink:


@glitch_support No replies from them yet.

Pinging them again today is the 2nd day no replies @glitch_support

There is a button that should say “Download Project”

You have to keep in mind that Glitch has only been open for 30 minutes today. You will need to wait.

Not if our project is suspended.

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