[Closed] Coding Fourm

I made an un-offical fourm for people who wanna use the glitch support fourm and still be allowed to be off-topic

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um, we already have a forum?

maybe this one could be more of a gallery.

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yeah, maybe something like that

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but you can still use it as a regular fourm.

Also: if your a regular on this fourm, you can get regular on the unoffical fourm too!

Ok consider me officially confused. Why do we need an unofficial forum when we already have an official forum.


a bigger project gallery. and you can be off topic


That’s why we have the official forum lol.


Well if you don’t want to join you don’t need to.

a good idea… but glitch kinda got there first

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Well, its not just about glitch. its a project gallery and a coding help fourm

Then what would be the point of this forum? You can ask for coding help and showcase your projects in this forum as well.

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This fourm on glitch is more official.

I kind of have to side with @khalby786, there may not be much of a point of another forum. What if you tried to make Glitch on another platform? Maybe a showcase twitter account?


Yeah, that’s a nice idea. It would be awesome if unofficial Glitch communities were made on other platforms, like the Glitch Discord server and the unofficial subreddit for Glitch, but since we already have an official forum, I feel like that there would be no reason for an unofficial forum to exist. :slightly_smiling_face:


I think promoting your own forum on here is rather unnecessary. More people will come here anyways because of Glitch as a service. Anyways, good luck on your forum!


what platforms should I use?

I don’t know, skys the limit. What social media is missing Glitch?


Don’t even think about Instagram and Facebook, they suck.