[Closed, do not post here] Is using uptimerobot legit?

im using uptimerobot to make my project online 24hr,
Does this use violate the laws of glitch?

No, Infact, We at glitch encourage users to use uptime robot to keep their project running. One thing to keep in mind is that a project does restart every 12 hours, so will not stay up for longer than 12 hours before restarting and going for another 12 hours.

Okay, thanks for replying .

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Here’s Glitch staff mentioning it:

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thanks for replying.

Just to note that Glitch projects are forced to go to sleep every 12 hours? (I’m not sure when they force sleep) But once your Uptime Robot pings it again it should go up.

I’ve had a project up 24/7 for 3-4 months now with no incidents.

Uptime Robot is the way to go!

EDIT: Changed 24h to 12h.

Minor note: Glitch projects go to sleep 12 hours from their last start time. So the restarts are staggered and are not on a predictable schedule.

Can you still use uptimerobot to keep ur project online 24/7?

No. Pinging is now banned. See An update on pinging services + Glitch