[CLOSED] I lost alot of work due to this

[CLOSED] why are glitch rewinds and repo imports not working. it gives errors

Can you be more specific, what errors are you seeing when using Rewind and when importing?

I think he means the rewind it’s constantly loading forever.

That happens when the project is full - see https://glitch.com/help/when-i-try-to-edit-a-project-it-just-refreshes-and-doesnt-save-my-changes/

My question: how is a project classified as “full”?

and when should I prepare for it?

Projects have a limited amount of space on the local filesystem. It’s classed as full when all of that space is used. You can check how much space you have used by running df and seeing the current % usage for the /app directory.

it says something about a shrikrap.yaml not working

Error rewinding: {"killed":false,"code":128,"signal":null,"cmd":"/opt/scripts/check-git-and-run.sh git revert -n 127b769993ed0064f260ead9b01706fe8ed40feb..HEAD","stdout":"","stderr":"error: unable to write file bin/client/js/app.js\nerror: unable to write file shrinkwrap.yaml\n","task":"Revert to previous revision"}

Let us know the project name and we’ll take a look. If your project is private, either make it public temporarily or DM me a join link so we can view the code. Thanks.

how do i DM u
lol i new to this support page

If you click on my name you might see the option to send me a message. If not, email me at gareth@glitch.com. Thanks.

oof my editors fixed it

or glitch did who knows

Thanks Gareth! Much appreciation to you!