[CLOSED] My Glitch Project is Stuck on "Loading Project"

Apparently this is closed, if people are still having issues maybe consider renaming the title.

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Hi @cori, my project is doing the same, loading infinitely.
Can you please force a refresh on my project?

You can email support@glitch.com and they can hard refresh your project.

Hi! Having the same issue on my project called test-instancing

Try emailing support@glitch.com and requesting a hard refresh for your project.

Be sure to check for any errors in the logs.

Do you happen to be using the Apache server?

could you restart my project cus it wont load the project name is script-bot

You can email support@glitch.com to wake the project up. Keep in mind that there is also a service outage.

Hi @cori can you please restart my project? It is stuck on the loading screen. The project name is


thanks if you can,

it is fixed.

Please email support@glitch.com!

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I’m loading a project from GitHub but it’s been stuck on the ‘importing page’ for the longest time

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Try redoing it.

Thanks @benborgers the start script in package.json is important.

Mine account cant load any project include a project i import from github

Please email support@glitch.com