Cloud computing in glitch

cloud computing in glitch… it is possible?

Yeah it is… with the supreme power of OS.js!

We have started 3 projects which we call ‘clusters’ and are optimised for a certain purpose. Wether it is coding, server stuff or even writing- we have a cluster for it.

type: purpose pros cons
SR1 server testing/connections can allow you to connect to websockets and Xpra servers not much else but that yet
WR2 writing/publishing write in styling is possible with the Write app!
C3 coding ACE editor for styling no way to execute the code through the client

so try today!

PWS is DMCA-protected and an afflicate of ProTech IT Solutions.

want a hosted version? DM me


hi, we are working on a program allowing you to self host a cluster yourself! with a handy Command Line Interface! (CLI)


consider hosting a cluster on, they allow pinging services and don’t have much limits besides cpu speed


yes… but the infrastructure on is a lot different to glitch