Code auto formatting

Do we have auto-format for html, JS and ā€¦ ?

What do you mean auto-format? Like beautifier?

Yes, exactly, bautifier

You can use an existing beautifier and tampermonkey to do this.

Oh, ok thx, basically I can do whatever I want with tampermonkey.

Another Glitch user also made: which helps format code too using a bookmarklet

You can do anything related to the Client side.

perfect, save my time, thx again

Of course! But in case If I do it then hire me as your head of security :wink: kidding, love Glitch

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Sorry if Iā€™m necroposting or breaking any rules, a little new here.

I believe this feature was added just today or yesterday; just telling anyone new looking at this once the News popup has gone.


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