Code editor linting update to include ES6 Map/Set


Not a big deal at all, but it would be nice to not have codemirror giving me all these red dots throughout my code.

And as a side note, it would be great if Ctrl+Shift+D duplicated the line that the cursor is currently on (like in Atom, Sublime, etc.).


Thanks for the suggestions. Our linting is a known issue and I hope we can update it soon.

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Looks like you’ve already added the Ctrl+Shift+D duplicate line functionality? I swear it wasn’t there before and I just instinctively used it and it worked! Thanks for taking the suggestion on board so fast.

If I can push my luck: Can we get Ctrl+UpArrow/DownArrow to swap the current line with the one above/below?

Here’s a quick screen capture of me pressing Ctrl+UpArrow in Atom to show what I mean:

Edit: Another super-handy feature would be if I could toggle line-wrapping on and off. At the moment I’m writing some markdown files, and it’d be great to be able to read each paragraph without horisontally scrolling back and forth.

Thanks for the suggestion - I’ll create a card for it and it’ll be considered in the future. You can already toggle line wrapping, see

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Ah, brilliant - I should have checked that menu. Cheers!

Looks like the code for codemirror’s swapLineUp/Down is already in your codebase:

Hi Joe. Line swapping works now. It’s Cmd+Ctrl+Up/Down on mac and Shift+Ctrl+Up/Down on PC.