Code termination?

I was just doing some coding for my discord bot when this popped up. Looks like Node.js:


After that, my project won’t reload, and errors aren’t forwarded to the logs. Can anyone help me? The discord bot seems to be working fine, and so are the express GET and POST things.


What I’m writing isn’t saving, and there’s no indication to it not saving.

another EDIT

I did pnpm restart and it restarted node, that seems to have fixed it. If anyone could tell me what it was though?

Based on my knowledge on other platforms, this looks like a race condition in BASH, specifically related to thread forks/subshells.

If you google “wait_for: no record of process”, you’ll find a lot of bug reports for various different OS’s. The one thing they all have in common is that the main thread could not find a child thread because that child had actually completed (successfully or not) before the parent received the child PID.

(There is some evidence in various bug reports that indicates it might have to do with running out of memory but that might also just be circumstantial).