Coding Tips for Someone New to Coding

I have very little coding experience and would like some tips on where I can get some free, fast basic instructions for adding to my base knowledge. Any suggestions?

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Hey! Iā€™m self-taught as well, and some resources I like are:
The Mozilla docs - JavaScript | MDN - they also cover HTML, CSS, etc. These docs are pretty extensive (and can be dense) but are a great reference. - IMO still a good resource for some things, though their Javascript docs are not the best.

If you like interactively coding in the browser, I recommend:
Codecademy - Plenty of the lessons are free. Also freeCodeCamp

Finally, some content creators who have good Youtube channels - Colt Steele, Brad Traversy, Dave Gray Teaches Code, Max / Academind. Many of these guys are also Udemy instructors.