Collaboration not working

I’m trying to join my students’ projects but none of the usual ways from before the new editor are working. There is no longer an “ask to join” button. And if they send me an invite I click the button in the email to join and it just hangs on a blank screen. Is there any other way to collaborate?


It looks like the team is working on this among other things, but as temporary solutions, you could either:

  1. remix the project, and just archive or request deletion if you don’t need it later or,

  2. go to Tools at the bottom, select import/export, then Download Project, and work on it via your own editor like VS Code, etc.

Not ideal but those seem to be the only ways right now, as far as I can tell. Aside from using Github, etc.

Thank you for the suggestions. Fortunately we didn’t have to do that, with repeated invites and persistence all the groups worked out. I’m not sure what did it but eventually worked.