Colors in Terminal/Console

From what I see, this is a very basic function and Glitch should support that.

echo -e "\e[38;5;<SHELL COLOR NUMBER>m"

Colors are not working in Logs panel. It will be great, if Glitch adds more complex ligs system (w/ color, search, etc.)

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@J-Tech-Foundation this line

isn’t working for me for some reason. I was able to run a line like echo -e "\e[101;96mlight cyan fg on light red bg\e[0m" to temporarily change colors (only for the line that it echoes out inside, eg light cyan on light red) but it only applied for the given line.
It’s my understanding that for these changes to persist, we would need to make changes that require sudo privileges, which we don’t have in Glitch. We might be able to do it using a library though?

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This looks like the best bet to me, but when I try to run it in the terminal, dconf is not available, and instructions for installing it seem to require sudo privileges. It’s a great read though! Thanks for sharing this idea @chroventer, I really like it! I would love if we could find a way for the community to build it out.