Command counter, help please

Description: Thinking about a command which sends how many times this command is used. More like a counting.
I know you will suggest “store value in database and then increment it”.
But i wanna see an example please…how how. You can call me dumb😔

Whenever a command is executed, add it to the database.
There are varieties of database out there - like Endb;

You can try this…
Put This Code When Command Is Ran
Note: I am using Enmap, you can use any DB.

const Enmap = require('enmap');
const client.counter = new Enmap({name:"command-counter"});

//Under Ready Events
client.counter.ensure("_counters", { ping: 0, help: 0 });//put all commands here

//Put This Below Code Under Each Command File.
try {"_counters",;
catch(error) {


  • Do not copy code directly without understanding.
  • This is generalized way. This will differ from each projects to projects.
  • Will throw error if ran in DMs.
  • refers to command name. Put Manually otherwise
  • increases number count.

I’d definitely recommend Endb.

As I said, you can use any DB. I just gave an example.