Command-line interfaces inside of web pages

I just made a Slack bot in Glitch that’s super fun (a dictionary guessing game) and I kind of want to show it off a little more easily. The Glitch app I made provides endpoints that Slack hits to interact with the bot, but it would be nice if the Glitch app could provide its own interface to the bot as well.

I think that would be handy for a lot of prototypes, actually. Instead of fussing with a GUI, make your app respond to commands! It’s like opening the browser’s javascript console for your app but, like, that console is the app. You go to [myapp] and you get a cursor. You type things and the app replies. That’s it!

(And ideally, for showing off my chat bot, it would be a chat server as well. Namely, everyone hitting [myapp] would get a cursor and they’d all see everything that everyone else typed and the bot would reply to everyone.)

Any recommendations or sample apps like that?

To answer my own question, this one based on Socket.IO looks nice:

Is Socket.IO the obvious choice for something like this?

Socketio does provide very good realtime actions so I would have to answer yes.

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