Communicating boosted apps

Nodejs supports comunicating between processes

How to share PIDs or app ids between only user’s boosted apps?

through websockets?

I am not sure. I think there shoud be namespaces and simply call
process.sendTo('boosted_app_id', message).

hmmmm, okay but would this pose a security risk?

if somebody boosts an app and decided to attack, they could communicate to other containers to attack aswell

I mean only between user’s boosted apps, it should be useful, right?

could be! you have my vote!

oh, im out of votes…

then you have my support!

I had a similar idea where all the users projects could be on a vpn and they could communicate with each other.

but wouldn’t that be slightly illeagal in some countries?

plus, that would raise costs in terms of which VPN they choose