Community feedback requested: 🚀 How do you prefer to log on?

hey pals!

so right now we have a number of options for signing into glitch:

  • facebook
  • github
  • email, then sent a sign-in “magic” link to that email

i am curious as to what y’all preferred to use and if there are other options you’d like us to consider.

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I prefer the Email login, but mainly use the Github login feature.

Up till now I’ve used github login
I like the way email login works it’s kinda cool, but keeping to github since most of my projects are private
I’ll never ever log to something using facebook because I don’t like the idea even though I know it can’t cause any desagrement

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I prefer the github login.

I prefer the GitHub login method as I’m using it frequently.

I prefer the GitHub login.

It would be nice to see a Twitter option, personally is the one I use everywhere, as an alternative fast login method to traditional email/password.

Since Glitch has the option to export/import from Github, Github login service has more sense and is the one I’m currently using.


Email is a close second.

Trying to move off Facebook, so not that one.

I prefer logging in with either GitHub, GitLab or Discord.


I use github but I have tried email before. It’s a good idea

I always use Github, email is a possibility too but I don’t use it

I use Github now because the email is a pain

Github login is best

Definitely, GitHub login, however, for those who don’t have GitHub may find this annoying. So e-mail login may be the best 'til now.

Like everyone else basically, Github because it’s just one click if you’re already logged in, plus import/export option so it makes sense. Email is ok but the additional task of opening a new tab to get the magic link is just an extra step no-one can be bothered to do😅