Community Moderators


I think Community Moderators would be a cool feature.

Why have community moderators when we have Glitch staff?

The Glitch staff aren’t always online 24/7. Thus, meaning that some questions don’t get responded to for hours.

A Glitch Community Moderator should (hopefully) give the user/person who asked the question confidence with the response they recieve.

How should people earn this?

There’s two ways I believe users could earn this.

  1. Users apply to become a community moderator. The applications will be reviewed by Glitch staff so the best candidates are selected.

  2. Users earn their way up to become a community moderator. Once users gain so many achievements/badges/goals/etc, they become a community moderator.

Thanks for reading! I hope this is taken into consideration for!


@xXProGamerXx, there are already plenty of roles and achievements that’ll be given after some social work by answering questions and being with Glitch for a long time. You can see them on your profile page.


Thanks for the suggestion, @xXProGamerXx, and for all your contributions to the forum!

Here are my current thoughts.

  1. We could enable moderation of the forum to a few community members, but mostly what that would allow them to do is basic forum housekeeping, for example editing and recategorizing posts and dealing with moderation flags and the like.
  2. Other work that “moderators” currently handle require powers on Glitch that we’re not likely to grant to non-Glitch staff in the near future due to the level of permissions to projects and infrastructure they require.
  3. The kinds of things that fall under item 1 are generally not that pressing and can wait until a staff member is around to address them. The items that fall under item 2 are the ones that are often perceived as time-sensitive, but privacy concerns and infrastructure risks mean those don’t lend themselves to being opened to non-staff.

We’ll continue to consider ways that we can continue to offer the best, friendliest, and most timely support possible, but I hope this helps clarify our thinking on these issues right now.

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Thanks for the information.

I agree with you on option 1 as option 2 (as you said) could pose a big vulnerability.