Community Open Thread 10 - November 11, 2022

It’s friday - would you believe it’s going to be a new year in less than 2 months?

It’s also link o’clock:

Enjoy your weekend and week - let us know what y’all are working on! :clock1:


y’all know I tried dragging those illustrations around

P. S.,



Cool! Has some images that look like Glitch

  • Browser Studio: I’m actually a project member, anyway cool!
  • Mastodon Embed: Good idea!

December coming!


That’s true!!!

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It makes me really happy that fastly is supporting standards as well, since in my experience it’s really nice when people agree on things whether that’s HTTP, USB C connectors (hardware), MPRIS (a common music player metadata request and control interface that operates over the dbus for linux), and in fact the whole reason websites work is because browser vendors have somewhat agreed on a common set of standards (even if chromium does take up lots of market share).

It really saddens me with some companies like Apple building closed more closed ideas of their own, like recently just to get my phone to be able to transfer files to my samba server I had to add some “fruit vfs” module to the server so ios would recognize permissions properly.


I agree with this a lot!