Community Open Thread 11 - November 18, 2022

Hope you’re having a pleasant Friday, time to truly enter into the wild and wacky holiday season. May you all succeed comfortably in you midterms, finals, Q4 OKRs, Guinness world records you’re working towards, etc!

But now it’s link o’clock:

  • Fastly Fiddle is 5 and has a bunch of updates, including Glitch being the origin server. I’m sharing this because it’s an exciting milestone for my Fastly Developer Experience teammates, and it gives you a peek at some of the work we’re doing to bring the Fastly and Glitch experiences together!
  • Love mini golf? This XR putt game was built on Glitch and had ~8000 players in their first week:
  • This was cool to find: I was building a Twitch bot the other day (did you know their chat is an IRC server?!) and was going through their docs and found that the Twitch Developers site has a starter for building Twitch extensions on Glitch! You can find all their starters on their Glitch team page!

Enjoy your weekend and week - let us know what y’all are working on! :golf::golfing_woman:

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I’ll post a proper update next week, but a heads up: Glitch Support will be off on Thursday and Friday next week for Thanksgiving here in the states.

I have read that article, found it on twitter!

Also saw the twitter post, cool game!


Continuing to work on personal website!

support for Golang


Server-side rendering of embedded fiddles

:eyes: :eyes:

the whole Monaco IDE

:eyes: :eyes: :eyes: :eyes:

Fiddle is not a platform for hosting websites, and is also completely anonymous, so we need to make sure we act responsibly to avoid providing a hosting platform.

:laughing: fastly steering clear of glitch’s turf

someone with vr gear pls report back :pray:

their featured project (twitch-polly) readme file tries to use editor links to navigate to project files like .env and viewer.js, but it doesn’t work because the glitch editor doesn’t respond to hash changes :grimacing:

I just keep trying to make a blob url that doesn’t run in the same origin as my site, and I just keep not finding any good way to do it :weary: