Community Open Thread 12 - December 2, 2022

It’s December, wowowow! I’m sure those of you in school are counting down the days to holiday break…let me tell you, so are the rest of us :sweat_smile: December also means…

:rotating_light: Special link alert :rotating_light:

It’s time for Glitch’s roundup of apps nominated by the community: Last Year on Glitch! Our call for nominations is now open and we’d love for you to contribute the apps that moved you, taught you - from the community or even created by you!

And here are some special bonus links if you’re looking for some reading material:

Enjoy your weekend and week - let us know what y’all are working on! :partying_face:

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Speaking of markdown editors, I recently found out one of my old static projects was breaking because marked changed their api, and I didn’t practice pinning dependencies when including them in the page, so it would just error out and render a blank screen. So I fixed the project to use the newer api and then forgot about it. Until several months, it broke again :rofl: , didn’t have time to fix it so I just wish I could have pinned the good version down when I had time before.


Wow, new open thread! Actually, it’s dec 8 and this was posted in dec 2, but anyway, here it goes.

That’s certainly true for me!

Oh I need to submit my ones fast!
Edit: Voted :slight_smile:

Certainly gotta read it!

That’s cool!



I want to bump this so folks know that TODAY is the last day to get their nominations in for Last Year on Glitch projects!! :innocent: