Community Open Thread 14 - December 16, 2022

Happy friday, fellow coders! Have you gotten in your nominations for Last Year on Glitch? Today’s the last day…but for y’all, I can give until Monday when I’ve got to organize all the results :smirk:

Here are some more character strings to read and/or click on:

Enjoy your weekend and week - let us know what y’all are working on, and also what cool tech are you hoping to get this holiday season? :gift:

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In addition, in light of the recent twitter “weirdness”, the washington post has written up an article on how to get started with mastodon

Surprisingly, someone created a glitch project that helps you find mastodon servers that align with the interests of those you connected to with on twitter:

Ok this is funny
Obviously glitch finds out about this faster than I do :rofl:

beat by at least 4 hours


Already filled!

Great :slight_smile:

A Secret Santa?

Cool and useful app!