Community Open Thread 15 - January 13, 2023

Happy new year, it’s the first community open thread of 2023 - and I got the year right on the first try! Are you starting this year anew with new goals? New hopes, dreams and/or tech? Tell us about it!

But first, links o’clock:

Enjoy the rest of your week and tell us what you’re making, reading, creating, etc! Any Belle & Sebastian fans listening to the new record right now?

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Okay, so I have a couple of cool things I have been excited to share somewhere so this thread is perfect timing, thanks Jenn!!

  • This Glitch app that’s a collaborative environment created by artist Kin Leonn to encourage fans to interact in this microcosm using landscape, sculpture and sound.
  • I came across Written in Stone during my spelunking in Mastodon and haven’t been able to close the tab. It reminds me of walking around NYC, Boston, or any of those older cities with concrete histories.
  • I’m slowly working my way through The Repatriation Project on ProPublica, which is documenting the ways many American institutions have failed in their commitments to return indigenous artifacts (including burial remains !!) to the native peoples whose cultures created them.

Also I’m always looking for new, interesting follows on Mastodon since I’m spending more time there these days, so hit me up with your recommendations

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I’m brand new to Glitch, and fairly new to coding.

I started ~9 months ago properly, with google app script.

I stumbled across Glitch when created a demo using it ( Glitch :・゚✧ )

Now contemplating playing with it. Keen to get my head around “real” node environments (compared to AppScript).

Ideally I’d prefer to play with Glitch with WebStorm - are there any threads for thick (otherwise known as lazy) people showing how to easily get myself set up?

My goals for the rest of the week?

  1. get my paid work project working. Sigh.
  2. Have a go at using Wit.Ai to build a chatbot to cancel specific WooCommerce Orders.
  3. Try to use and OpenAI APIs to build out a neat usecase I currently have.

sigh. So little time, so much chasing bugs!


Welcome to the community, @tdobson! :hugs: seems cool!

I was an honorable mention, yessss! :partying_face:



Creative project!

I’ve made a list of possible things Glitch may do in the future. Please note that these predictions have been made with the help of an AI system, and may or may not take any of these steps in the future. Remember, these are only possibilities.


1. “Glitch AI”

Why: As AI technology continues to advance, more companies are incorporating it into their platforms. For example, Replit has already launched Ghostwriter, a paid AI-based writing assistant. It is possible that Glitch could also launch a similar AI platform, “Glitch AI”. Status: this feature would likely be a paid service, possibly integrated into the Glitch Pro plan.

2. Mobile App

Why: Mobile apps offer a more convenient and efficient way to edit code, as seen with other popular development platforms like GitHub and Replit. A Glitch mobile app would likely be similar to the mobile web version. Status: Given that Glitch already has a web-based IDE, it should be relatively straightforward to create a mobile app.

3. New Programming Languages

Why: As new programming languages and frameworks continue to emerge, it would make sense for Glitch to add support for these languages to stay current and attract a wider range of users.

4. Machine Learning Tools

Explainer: This refers to additional tools specifically for machine learning projects, separate from the “Glitch AI” mentioned earlier. As the field of AI continues to grow, there may be a need for more specialized tools to facilitate machine learning projects on Glitch. Why: As AI becomes more prevalent, there will likely be an increased demand for machine learning tools on development platforms like Glitch. Status: These tools could potentially be included as part of the Glitch Pro plan.

5. Integration with More Tools

Why: Integrating with other popular development tools and services can increase the functionality and convenience of Glitch, making it a more attractive platform for users.

6. More Tools to Improve Collaboration and Teamwork

Explainer: Glitch already offers a variety of tools to facilitate teamwork, but there may be room for additional features such as an official chat (likely opt-in only with restrictions) to further improve collaboration.

7. Official API

Explainer: Glitch currently has an API, but it is not officially documented. Glitch may choose to officially document and promote the API to attract more developers.

8. More Features for the PRO Plan

Why: Offering additional, exclusive features for the Glitch Pro plan can provide added value for users who choose to upgrade and can generate additional revenue for Glitch.

9. Glitch expands its support for IoT development

Why: Internet of Things (IoT) technology is growing rapidly, and as more and more devices and appliances become connected, there will be an increasing demand for tools and resources to support IoT development on Glitch.
Status: Glitch could potentially partner with IoT companies or introduce its IoT solutions to provide a comprehensive solution for IoT development.

10. Expanding support for Automated Testing

Why: Automated testing is becoming increasingly important for efficient and effective development, and Glitch could introduce more features to support automated testing.

Again, please keep in mind that these are predictions and not certainties, may or may not take any of these steps in the future.


imho, replit is kind of weird as in they seem to be going in all sorts of directions at once, like while they’re attempting to let people create “themes” for their editor, they’re also launching a sort of platform where you can exchange their digital currency called “cycles” for a finished product from a “repl bounty hunter” which writes all the code for you.

It feels really weird as repl went from that one neat online place for leaving little console programming demos, to well a platform that does many things. I actually took a look at back when they didn’t even allow internet access for repls and definitely a lot has changed since then.

The weird thing is that repl seems to be a fan of developing things themselves, like why not just support using github copilot on the platform instead of just developing your own still openai based ai, it’d be a lot cooler if you could just pay once and get benifits in more places at once. Similarly wouldn’t it just be nicer to make themes an extension of vscode’s color themes, that way you can already use vscode’s gigantic color theme library so people jumping from vscode can be more comfortable. I’m not sure how many people would actually take the time to figure out how to take apart a color theme and convert it to repl’s format.

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I’m so far behind on replit, at this point I should just wait to see what sticks :sweat_smile:

kinda sad that when persistent filesystem finally came out, it was a premium feature.

vscode is too expensive. it uses so much ram on the server

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I just wish that Glitch would support VS Code because it would make my life a lot easier than having to constantly commit and pull the changes, and then having to build the project from Glitch command line which is limited by the container resources, while instead I could build it via VS Code on my computer and have it sync the changes to the cloud.

I don’t like how Glitch is kind of forcing me to use their editor which is pretty awful to work with. It’s fine for quick edits when I am away from home.

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I kind of agree with the statement, there are several features missing from the editor that I don’t think would be able to be fully implemented by the team since it would be most likely a very large task like autocomplete.

I’m pretty gratefully that @wh0 built snail, which documents how one can interact with glitch projects without the editor, I’m sure one day someone could take this up a level and perhaps write a vscode extension that utilizes it, for those who still miss vscode. Who knows? Maybe someone has a prototype already in a private git repo at this very moment :slight_smile:


Deno support when? It’s not even that bad to switch, just:

  • Run the Deno installer script in your terminal
  • Replace the “node” in your “start” script in package.json with “./.deno/bin/deno run --compat --unstable --allow-env”

And you’re done. You are using Deno to run your app now! Enjoy the errors. :slight_smile:

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The --unstable flag is only used for the --compat flag :slight_smile:

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I am new to this wonderful forum. My name is Carlos and I am from Florida. It is nice to meet you all!