Community Open Thread 18 - February 24, 2023

Yee-haw, it’s Friday - thanks for the birthday wishes in the last thread, I really appreciate ya! Anyway, would you believe that I have some links to share:

By the way, we won an award! Here’s a blurry photo of @keithk, drenched in purple screen lighting as nature intended, showing the award off for the camera:

Awards, links, apps, forum posts - we couldn’t do it without y’all! Now, what links do you have to share? What are you working on this week? Sound off in the thread :point_down:


oo congrats on the award! DeveloperWeek - Conference & Expo (February 15–23, 2023) in case someone wanted a closer look at how the award looks. edit: okay they clearly used a picture of the 2022 awards for their 2023 blog post

this week I am working on compiling nix packages from their “22.11” release for use on Glitch. which is a game of encountering the same bugs as in the last release, not remembering what I did last time, and finding out all over again why some things are hopeless. aaaaa


hello! it’s been long! how’s everybody doing?!


Great to hear from you! Hope you’re doing well!!


Oh these articles are really interesting, the news about Stadia letting people firmware update their controllers into regular controllers is kind of surprising, given that I’ve only seen it suggested by smaller creators online so it was unexpected when the suggestion was actually taken into consideration. But hey, that makes google look a bit better because we’re now reusing the controllers for a slightly different purpose, saving them from becoming unnecessary E-Waste!

The article about mastodon is also intresting, one of my favorite quotes from it is this one about keeping things decentralized:

We’re also mindful of not wanting to centralize the infrastructure of a social network that is decentralized by design . Mastodon can easily migrate to another CDN or a multi-CDN approach. Put simply, we’re handling the network — delivering and securing content — so Mastodon can handle the stuff that matters most to them — encouraging healthy communities with effective community management and brilliantly creative participants. Because we believe…

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here’s us in “eww,” the emacs web “wowser,” in emacs 28.2, distributed in nixpkgs, built and run on glitch