Community Open Thread 19 - March 9, 2023 🛣️☁️

Hello and happy…Thursday! I’m going to be off tomorrow and doing some virtual reality figure drawing, so I’m kicking this thread off a day early. Don’t worry, my amazing colleagues will be around to support y’all in my absence.

Of course I couldn’t bare to hold back these LINKS from you any further:

Oh, and I want to give y’all a heads up :basketball: Pretty soon we’re going to be setting the default domain of this forum to be community[.]glitch[.]com, with all the proper redirects so not to break support[.]glitch[.]com links from the past several years. Those who have been here for a long time know that this forum used to be our support ticketing tool too, which we outgrew and moved to a proper platform at I’ll do a proper Service Updates thread when I know it’s happening, but I figured I’d give a sneak peek at what’s to come to those of you who kindly read all my words!

Now, what links do you have to share? What are you working on this week? Sound off in the thread :point_down: and I’ll see you on ~ ~* Glitch dot com *~ ~



love the honesty of that. it’s like, “you want to turn the model around? fine, enjoy seeing everything backwards. I’m not your babysitter.”


LOL how did you type the first part backward? I feel like this is a secret I need to know

found a converter for it online :laughing: Backwards Text Generator | Copy and Paste Reversed of Mirrored Text

pretty good explanation about halfway down the page under “Where do the mirrored unicode characters come from?”


Awesome, thank you for sharing! I can’t wait to use this

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Speaking of weird unicode, I’ve been trying to use pdfs as a dataset and suprise suprise, I catch some random null bytes in my output which would have been problematic later but thankfully I caught them early enough to filter.

Seems c… Wait, WHAT?! :sweat_smile:

Really useful stuff!

Glitch is a really good place to start playing with VR and aframe!

Great update!

I’m working a lot on Glitch Enhance, a extension to improve Glitch! Available soon!
Other stuff I have been building:

  • Improving The Great Rickroller
  • Working on a ton of old projects so their code is not as bad as it was
  • Working also on
  • Giving a fresh new look for a small website, Appex
  • Making posts for my blog
  • & much more!


PDFs as datasets?? How?

PS: click me. you can be the first!

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I knew what this was going to be, but I clicked it anyway lol :woman_facepalming: